June: Ramp Sauce On Fried Eggs And Asparagus

I was about to make one of my favorite breakfasts this Sunday morning, fried eggs and asparagus on toast with grated Parmesan.  It was one of my father’s favorites. I’m not certain if he had the eggs, but living near Hadley, MA made this a frequent treat.

I had been to the Farmers Market on Saturday morning and gotten fresh ramps from Amy. It occurred to me that they would make a great sauce. They did.  Here’s my recipe.


Fresh ramps – 1 bunch thinly sliced across the leaf.
One pound of asparagus, break off the tough stems.
4 organic eggs
4 tbsp unsalted butter
2 -3 tbsp heavy cream
3-4 tbsp grated parmesan cheese
2 – 4 slices of whole wheat toast

Melt 2 tbsp butter in a frying pan.  Sauté the ramp leaves, they will wilt down as all greens do.  When the are soft, pour in 2 tbsp heavy cream and warm until blended together. Add the parmesan. Add more cream as needed. Hold.

Toast the bread slices.

Poach the asparagus in a shallow frying pan until semi soft.

In another frying pan melt the remaining 2 tbsp butter and fry the 4 eggs.

Assemble: Toast on the bottom, asparagus spears, fried eggs and ramp sauce on the top. Pass more parmesan as needed.

Salt and pepper to taste.

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