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Beet Hummus With Salad

Beet Hummus has come into its own in the last few years. I first ran into it in New Zealand. I had one in Seattle last week that was different than most so I thought I would play with it. It had walnuts and a dash of hot sauce. For those of you not from Vermont you will note that I used “Feel the Bern”. It was a sauce put out for Bernie Sanders, along with soaps, socks etc. during the 2016 campaign. Hummus is usually served with pita or vegetables as a dip. So enjoy it either way for our November Recipe of the Month.



3/4 lbs of beets, boiled and peeled
2 cloves of garlic
rind of one lemon
3 T  fresh lemon juice from that lemon
2 T. toasted walnuts  ( extra for salad )
1 T. olive oil
3 T tahini
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground coriander
dash of hot sauce ( I used “Feel the Bern” )
salt and pepper


1 large beet
2 carrots
1 T olive oil
salt and pepper
Extra walnuts for garnish

Make the hummus: Boil and peel the beets. Toast the walnuts. Put everything into a Cuisinart bowl and puree to correct consistency. Feel free to play with amounts for your own taste.

Makes 2 cups

Make the salad:  Grate 2 carrots. Grate one beet, cooked or raw. Toss in a bowl with one T. olive oil, salt and pepper. Plate. Place a large tablespoon of Hummus on top, garnish with extra walnuts. This made 3 – 4 servings.

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