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MAY: Antipasti

I had to put out an hors d’oeuvre table the other night and here are the antipasti dishes I came up with.

Sliced fresh mozzarella marinated in olive oil and chopped fresh basil. Done at the last minute.

Fresh basil chopped with olive oil, s&p. ( if you have pesto use that but I like just the basil myself and you need to do it at the last minute or it will turn black.)

Roasted red peppers: you can either roast them yourself or buy them in jars to make life easy. I always have a few jars in the house.

To roast peppers: rub with olive oil and either do them on the grill outside or in the oven at 400. Turn until all sides are charred. Place in a brown paper bag until cooled. Peel and slice. Save the liquid to drizzle over the peppers or the mozzarella.

Assorted Olives

Tapenade. You can buy this in jars to have on hand. I made some myself the other day and it was very simple.  Pitted black olives in oil, a T. of capers, chopped garlic and more oil to puree. All to taste.

Cherry tomatoes

Chunks of parmesan

Grilled Bread. I had Semolina and Sourdough, both sliced, in the house. I brushed them with olive oil and grilled each slice outside until there were char marks. We then sliced them into rectangles.

Lots of wine, of course.

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