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FEBRUARY: Roast Chicken

It’s winter and time to settle in and stay out of the cold. One of my favorite meals is Roast Chicken.  The house smells great and I can have several meals from it. People often ask me how I manage to make such a moist chicken, so here’s my secret.

For a 3 lb chicken I set the oven to 425.

I generously cover the chicken with kosher salt, inside and out. Then I stick a pierced lemon in the cavity. If the chicken is too small I use half a lemon.  If I do not have a lemon I stuff rosemary branches under the skin, carefully so that I do not rip it.

I put the chicken on a small rack, BREAST side down.  I bake it for 40 minutes like that.
Then I turn it over to finish it.

It usually takes one hour for a three pound chicken.  If it is starting to brown too much and is not finished, you can loosely cover the chicken with tin foil.

Adjust time and turning to the size of the bird.  Make certain that you have a can of cranberry sauce in the house, or my Purple Chef Mango Chutney.


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