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DECEMBER: Leslie’s Butter Almond Cookies

My college friend Leslie shared these with me many moons ago.  I go for years without making them and then suddenly I can’t get enough.


2 sticks of butter
A scant cup of sugar
1 egg separated
2 c. flour
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
5 oz. slivered almonds lightly toasted

Mix the butter, sugar and egg yolk.

Blend the flour and cinnamon, stir into the butter mixture.

Add the vanilla and beat.

Pat thinly onto a cookie sheet trying to keep it square for easy cutting.  (Otherwise you will have too many odd ends to eat)

Beat the egg white until frothy and spread over the dough. Sprinkle with the almonds.

Bake at 275 for 1 hour. Cut immediately after baking into squares, diamonds, or whatever shapes you would like.

Makes approximately 48 2×2 squares.


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